Modern Terrase House "TEN"

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Local conditions
 Karahori shopping mole is in the center of Osaka, little off Senba and Shimanouti to the southeast. It has developed as a residential area for common people mainly living in terracehouses. Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a warlord, has built outer moat to protect the Osaka Castle. Since the moat was left empty, the place is named 'karahori( = empty moat)' . Many terrace houses which have survived Osaka air strikes during the second world war exist in Karohori. In crowded city blocks, there are many small alleys, and the local people and visitors enjoy a walk around the area.
 Even though the town is fun to visit, there are many problems. When a terrace house gets old and pulled down, its land may not be able to meet the Building Standards Act and left as a vacant land. Some terrace houses have been fixed repeatedly in an easy manner and been in a dangerous state. Some of houses and lands are left unused.

Foundation of Karahori club
 Upon the background described above, a terrace house remodeling project around the Karahori shopping mole, called'Karahori club' , was founded in 2001. Various activities take place since then. One example is 'Karahori art ' in which publicly collected art objects are exhibited in various places in the town. The main activity is, of course, to remodel terrace houses. Vacant houses are renovationed. Disaster prevention, which is an important theme in this densely built-up area of wooden houses, is aimed to be promoted.
 In 2006, Karahori club was incorporated, named' Nagaya (= terrace house) stock bank' . This organization recognizes the terrace houses as a local resource, and tries to make full use of it.


Remodeling plan of a Day care center